New Album "Twisted Guitar 2"

New album out on Chapel of Rock.


Damage - editor's pick

Damage is editors pick.


Chris sets up Chapel of Rock as a production music publishing company…

Formed 2017, with an exclusive deal with APM for America and Canada, Chapel of Rock produces hard-hitting rock and metal soundtracks and trailer themes.

Works are produced from Sambourne House Studios which comprises three sound editing suites, five live recording areas and two control rooms where Chris partners with his select team of talented writers: Neil Taylor, Dave Knott and Gus Isidore and session musicians with a long pedigree in the industry.

The Chapel of Rock ethos centres around end to end quality and integrity whereby all work is composed, recorded, mixed, edited and mastered in house to deliver a high end product.


Chapel of Rock Showreel


Showreel for "Damage", COR001.


New album for Soho Production Music - Rock Highway Dreams

New album for Soho Production Music "Rock Highway Dreams".


New Album "Retro Grooves"

New album out now "Reto Grooves".


Sambourne House Studios now fully functioning!

Sambourne House Studios now fully functioning!


Sambourne Studios

New control room


Rockfield Studio recording

Warner Chappell PM

With Dave Charles and Paul Martinez

Extreme Sports 2

Soho Production Music

Because Vol 1 is doing so well :)

Essential Blues Two

Soho Production Music

Part 2 of two...

Rock Masterclass

Soho Production Music / Music Sales

A collaboration with Chris G and Snowy White 

Essential Blues

Soho Production Music


Rock Box

Soho Production Music

New collection

Control room

Finishing touches to new control room at Sambourne House

New studio

Chris has built a new studio at Sambourne House / Wiltshire

Writing with Gus

Gus Isadore and Chris have been writing production music at the new Studio at Sambourne House

Mixing with Neil Taylor

Mixing former Robbie Williams guitarist's new single

Soho Production Music

Rock Masterclass

New album release

Watchdog BBC

Chris's music has been used for BBC Watchdog


Recording Hugh Cornwell..

'Live it and Breathe It' has both bark and bite - MOJO magazine

Chris produced the bonus track 'Live it and Breathe it' - bonus track on Hugh's
'Best of' album.


Precious Metal

Promo Video


Classical Music

Alexander Balanescu Quartet

Chris has been working with the Alexander Balanescu Quartet

Precious Metal

Warner Chappell Production Music

CAR 472 � Precious Metal

Written by Chris Goulstone, Precious Metal  draws upon the contemporary Metal scene and incorporates it into the film and trailer markets.  He has collaborated with artists such as Ron �Bumblefoot� Thall (Guns and Roses) ), played guitar on many Goldfrapp songs, recorded and mixed for the former Massive Attack member Mushroom with Mark �Spike� Stent in Los Angeles, mixed with punk legend Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) and has also mastered recordings for Steve Albini and Tony Visconti.  His illustrious career has bought this to the Warner/Chappell Production Music hall of fame, having written over 500 tracks for the CPM. We�re very proud to have Chris writing for us and can only hope he sticks around to write a few more!



New video and single from Gallows Ghost

Produced and mixed by Chris

Film Soundtrack

Special when Lit

Chris's Warner Chappell published track, 'Rock Rider' featured .

Motive - TV Series

The hit Canadian TV show features Chris's track - 'Base Jump Dreams' from Soho 134

The hit Canadian TV show features Chris's track - 'Base Jump Dreams' from Soho Production Music album, Soho 134

Ellie Rose

Off the Record

Mixed at the Chapel of Rock by CG

New production album

Soho 152


New production album

Soho 151


Lost Girls

Music usage

Chris's track 'I've Been Expecting You' has just been used in the hit TV show - Lost Girls

Hugh Cornwell

Mixed and mastered by Chris

A limited edition CD recorded live at Vera Gronigen, Holland.

CAR 465

Beneath the Surface


New CPM release through Warner Chappell

'Beneath the Surface


New Album

New metal album for Warner Chappell

Back to the roots!

Gallows Ghost


Chris has mixed three new tracks for Gallows Ghost. 

Phil Pickett


Chris has mixed a new song for acclaimed songwriter Phil Pickett

Ellie Rose

Remix work...

Chris has remixed four songs for Ellie Rose

Robbie Ransom

Mixing tracks

Chris has mixed 13 tracks for Robbie - currently shooting videos with the legendary David Rose

BBC Sports Summer Trailer

'We Made It' written and performed by Chris Goulstone.
Warner Chappell Production Music 2013

The 'Message to Love Band' July 2013

Machine Gun

A performance put together last year for the 
Woolley Festival - a rendition of Jimi Hendix's
Band of Gypsies album with a six piece gospel
choir. Check out the lead vocal at the end!

Session for Warner Chappell

Live recording

Chris, on electric piano, was joined by Steve Evans on bass and Clive Deamer / Drums for a recording for a new Warner Chappell production album.

Dark Glamour - Gothic Rock

Soho 140

A new album by Chris Goulstone and Chris Bell - Dark Glamour / Gothic Rock.
Soho Production Music 140


Top Promo 2013

'We Made It' - Chris Goulstone

'We Made It' - written and performed by Chris, is the Warner Chappell PM top promo track for 2013


Rock n Roll session at the Chapel..

Live rock and roll session for Soho Production Music

Live rock and roll session for Soho Production Music

With Chris on the piano - 'blues bass player of the year', Ian Jennings on bass, Clive Deamer - drums and Paul Hartshorn on guitar.


Bernie Marsden visit

Chris invited guitar legend / songwriter Bernie Marsden to an impromptu jam near Bath.

Chris Goulstone, Chris Bell, Simon Thomas and Bernie Marsden - 'The George' Bradford on Avon - November 22nd 2013


New tracks

New tracks and Clive Deamer

New tracks for Soho Production Music - with Clive Deamer on drums just back from the Portishead tour.


New projects and people

Hey!! 30/7/13

Hugh Cornwell is at the Chapel compiling an ep for USA release....
Steve Evans, fresh back from critically acclaimed gigs with Sousie Sioux at the Festival Hall is collaborating with Chris on new library works..
And George Allen, working with the Magic Numbers, laid down some groovey Hammond at the chapel for their new record.
Chris starts a new project for Soho Production Music....


Extreme Sports

Soho Production Music 134

New CD from Chris with contributions from Tom Dalgety and Dave Knott.
An adrenaline rush big loud guitar terror ride!


Istanbul May 2013

Musikotek 25th year Party

Chris was at Musikotek's 25th year anniversary party on Gallataseray Island, Istanbul with Nick and Sally Farries.


New CD

Simple Building Big Rock CAR 442

New CD for Warner Chappell Production Music,
Chris has submitted eight new tracks to this brand new release.


"Fire from Heaven"

New Production CD for Soho Production Music due out soon!

Chris Goulstone and Chris Bell


Alexander Balanescu Quartet

Chris has the acclaimed Alexander Balanescu Quartet to play at the Chapel of Rock

A new CD release for Soho Production Music - Chris Goulstone and Chris Bell have arranged pieces for the visiting Alexander Balanescu Quartet for their new project.
An album featuring the dark side of our imaginations - vampirical mexican bars onto English goth - plus the dark master in translavania!!


Extreme Sports

An adrenaline rush big loud guitar terror ride!

New CD for SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC due out 2013


'Kitsch TV and Chatshows'

New CD out now on Soho Production Music

'Kitsch TV and Chatshows'
Soho 123


Middle East Conflict

New CD release

Middle East Conflict - CAR 437
CPM / Warner Chappell


CPM Warner Chappell - New Album

Chris has contributed 8 new tracks to be released on an up coming CPM Warner Chappell production music CD.

The work is nearly complete, with a string session booked at Angel Studios and final mixing, the album will be ready shortly.


One For the Money

"She's Got It"

Chris's track "She's Got It" from CPM/Warner Chappell 323, has been used in the new Hollywood Film featuring Katherine Heigl -
"One For the Money".


New Production Music CD

'Kitsch TV and Chatshows' Soho Production Music - catalogue no 123

Chris is near completion of his second collection of tracks for Soho Production Music. 'Kitsch TV and Chatshows'
Written by Chris and co - writes with Henry Marsh (Eminem) and with Clive Deamer (Radiohead)
A Jazz/Latin Blues Groove TV Theme tunes project!!

Chris has been lucky enough to have Goldfrapp mainman - Will Gregory playing virtuoso Saxophone and Clive Deamer laid down some amazing drums just before his world tour with Radiohead.
Ed Parker - world renowned flautist, has also added some stunning playing for the project.


American Idol

American Idol

Chris's music has been used on American Idol


So You Think You Can Dance USA

So You Think You Can Dance

Chris's music is being used in the hit US TV Show - So You Think You Can Dance USA


U.K. Punk's Dark Lord, the Stranglers' Hugh Cornwell, Brings New Aggro

Totem and Taboo

Chris is mastering Hugh Cornwell's new CD - Totem and Taboo.
Recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini.


Astral Vinyl

World renown soprano Lucy Schaufer's recording at Chapel of Rock.

2011 - Stephen Barber's classical recording has been released on Navona Records entitled, "Astral Vinyl", The recording will feature chamber music from brass choir, strings octets to vocal pieces performed by the world renown soprano, Lucy Schaufer. All tracks were recorded at the Church House in Austin, Texas with the exception of Lucy's tracks, which were performed at Chris Goulstone's Chapel of Rock - Bath, England. Lucy's recording was a poem by Laura Lush entitled, "Marbles". Most of the recording was engineered, mixed and produced by David Boyle, as well as Carl Thiel's Music Room.



Soho Production Music new release "ROCK NATION" 103

Chris has written and recorded a selection of rock tunes for Soho Production Music. Recorded at the Chapel of Rock with Chris at the helm with contributions from Clive Deamer and Simon Thomas.


Rock Jukebox 2

Warners / CPM CD release 419

Rock Jukebox Two is now to be released in CD format, featuring new artwork.


More Tweaks

Mixing session

More tweaks to the highly anticipated release ..... er .... more tweaks!!


Surf Spacemen of Rock!

New Track for Soho Production Music.

Fresh from his recent exploits recording and performing with RADIOHEAD - Clive Deamer pays a visit to the Chapel of Rock to 'drum out' on a new Chris G Surf Rock tune!!!!


Mr Cornwell with Mr Rotten


Mr G mixing Mr Cornwell before Mr Rotten's set (PIL) at Guilfest 17/7/11.
Sadly I didn't get the chance to ask Mr Rotten where Mr Wobble was - a rock'n roll moment missed!!


Rock Jukebox 2

From metalcore, industrial and gothic to uplifting indie, 70s funk and arena rock

Rock Jukebox Two - latest release. CPM Music - Warner Music Group


Los Angeles

USA Trip

Chris was in Los Angeles during Feb visiting APM Music and also listening to mixes at LA Sound Suite with Spike Stent at the helm.
On the way home Chris dropped by the APM offices in New York


Dominant Forces - Trailers & Promos

CPM 414 Warner Music Group

CPM 414 'Dominant Forces -Trailers & Promos' now out!


The Rodents Live!!

Chris will be performing with 'The Rodents' at Pee Wee's Bar in Trowbridge

Thursday 16th December 8.30


Chris Goulstone's YouTube channel -


63,000 hits and counting.....


Chapel of Rock

Live Show

Chris G, Simon and Chris B - 3/7/10



Jupiter Theme.

Chris records Holst's 'Jupiter' theme with Chris on 135 guitars (!) and Clive Deamer (Robert Plant / Jeff Beck & Radiohead) on drums.

The next one is Mars.....


Goldfrapp - Alive -Vampire Mix

Chris and the Chapel of Rock re mix Goldfrapp's new single 'Alive'

Vampire Mix


Hugh Cornwell

Chris mixes and masters a new live album for Hugh Cornwell

The CD comprises two live performances - Hugh's last CD -Hooverdam and a rare rendition of Rattus Norvegicus...the Stranglers classic album.



Alive - Headfirst

Chris plays guitar on Goldfrapp's second single -


Club Tvornica - Croatia

Zagreb - live mix for Hugh Cornwell

What a great city - great people - HC did a cracking show. Good luck in the States guys - sorry I could'nt make the tour.
Hugh's new live album featuring 'Rattus Norvegus' and 'Hooverdam' is being mixed at the Chapel of Rock.



Goldfrapp new album

Chris plays guitar on 'Alive', a track on Goldfrapp's new album 'Headfirst' released 22nd March.
(Will Gregory has played saxophone on many of Chris's Carlin albums)



Jupiter on Guitars

Chris has recorded Holst's Jupiter - each instrument of the orchestra has been played on guitar. 135 overdubs!?

Click on the Jukebox (to the right) to hear.


The Valley - Chapel of Rock

New video 12/1/10

Chris has finished filming and editing a new video of the track 'The Valley'- taken from the new release - Carlin 414.


Live Show

Sat 19th Dec

Chris and friends will be appearing at the Riverside in Bradford on Avon on Sat 19 Dec


New Promo's CD - Sydney and HC

Promo's Trailers Carlin 414 new release

Just back from Aus Sydney meeting some good guys from Universal Music Publishing - Carlin 414, Hard hitting Movie Promo's is due for release.

Meanwhile helping out old friend Hugh Cornwell as soundman for his current UK tour - Chris is back on the bus!!!
Paradiso in Amsterdam was rockin!

For Hugh's Dates visit;



Man With A Plan - Chapel of Rock

Destiny Music have released an album available now on iTunes. 'Man With a Plan' by Chapel of Rock.

  • 02 NO FEAR
  • 03 LOADED
  • 04 NEXT
  • 05 BAD BLOOD
  • 07 20/20
  • 12 MAN WITH A PLAN (Instrumental Mix)

Man With A Plan

New Video

The Chapel of Rock video of the theme tune music for WWE, Brain Kendrick.Click Here!


Carlin America


Chris meets with John Rumplasch from Carlin America in New York


Live Show

The Rodents

Chris will be playing in Trowbridge at the legendary 'PeeWees' Bar on Thursday 26th Feb.
Joining him will be Paul Martinez, John Carter and Andy Paton


Agora Ballroom - Cleveland USA

The legendary venue (apparently haunted) Hello Cleveland!

Oh yes! there is a recording of my almost legendary big hair 80's band ...BRONZ!!
If only I had the time to re-master it and make it available ...maybe soon?
which way is the stage again BB?


Soon to be unleashed!


Chris's gtr work on new album - the record is full of fun guys with a spiky production?


WWE Brian Kendrick and Matt Striker

The WWE American wrestling series are using Chris's music for several of their fighters

(currently sacked!!!!??)... Man With a Plan - Carlin Music Library


Mazda RX8

Mazda RX8

Here is a link to the new Mazda RX8 Ad featuring ex F1 Driver Johnny Herbert and Music By Chris


Music down under!

"So You Think You Can Dance Australia"

Chris's music was used on this show!


Some place in the sky

Chris's music track 'Some place in the Sky' used on 'Lost' TV show.

Watch by pasting the following into google -


Carlin 399

Country USA - Dobro/Banjo

Chris has some tracks on the new Carlin release - Country USA - Dobro/Banjo


Coca Cola Advert

Chris's track on new Tv Ad

"Time on my Side" on the Carlin CD 347 has been used on the new Coke Ad campaign -
Paste the link below into your browser to view..


'Moonlight' in America

Chris's music used in top cult US TV Show, now showing in the UK on Living channel!

The track 'Different Girl' has been used for the recent cult CBS TV series 'Moonlight'


Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

Chris adds Guitar and stuff to the new Goldfrapp CD

The new Goldfrapp CD - Seventh Tree is out now.
Chris added multitracked acoustic guitars, electric gtr and a few drummy bits on Caravan Girl and Monster Love.



New Carlin 398 release -

Rock Jukebox 1 is now out


Stadium Rock

Carlin 395

Chris has contributed a number of tracks to the new Carlin CD - 'Stadium Rock'.


Robert Williams

An old pal visits!

Robert Williams from LA (drummer for Capt Beefheart, Johnny Lydon and Hugh Cornwell) with Chris recently at the Southwick Flower Show!
Robert was on a day off from touring with Hugh around the UK



Lucy Schaufer

Lucy Schaufer recorded at the Chapel of Rock!

A beautiful haunting piece.

Go to the track 'Marbles' through this link :


Ham Sandwich on Box Hill (with mustard)

A lovely day in the Wiltshire countryside with Goldfrapp.

Chris spent two days contributing acoustic guitar and drums with Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp on their new forthcoming release.
Thanks Alison -you make a good sarnie!


New CD

Jive Swing Blues Rock'n'Roll

New CD release Carlin 380, Jive Swing Blues Rock'n'Roll.

See 'Production Music' on the site, for the full list of Carlin CD's


Live video's

Youtube and stuff

Chris has some live video's available to view on



Chris's music is Lost!

Chris's music has been used in the acclaimed series 'Lost'.


Hugh Cornwell

Chris has produced engineered and mastered Hugh Cornwell's new Live Album - "Dirty Dozen"

The former Stranglers frontman releases a live album featuring tracks from his solo career as well as a collection of Stranglers classics, recorded in 2005.


CSI Carlin 376

APM Editors Choice

New release - Carlin 376
'Crime Scene Investigation' was APM's 'Editors Choice' for July 2006.



Hollywood film - 'Domino' (starring Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke)

Chris has some music in the new film Holywood film - 'Domino'
'Experienced' from Carlin 210


Crime Scene Investigation

Carlin 376

Crime Scene Investigation' Carlin 376 - a new double CD from Chris through Carlin Production Music is to be released in March.



Keith Christmas

Legendary singer songwriter Keith Christmas had his latest CD mastered at the Chapel of Rock.
Chris and Keith played together a number of years ago.


Promos 2 Rock Attack

Promo 2 Rock attack

Promos 3 - Rock Attack. has just been released. One of a series of 'promo' CD's released this year by Carlin.


Hollywood Films

Beyond Borders

Chris's music has turned up on two Hollywood films 'Beyond Borders' (Starring Angelina Jolie) and 'Remember the Titans'(Denzel Washington) Two tracks from the Carlin Library...No Surrender and Eliminated.


Astoria London Show

Friday November 4th

Chris's band - Bronz (Chris, Simon Thomas and Windsor McGilvray) play the London Astoria at 6pm on Fri 4th November


Chris Goulstone Band - Live

Chris played a half hour set supporting Robin Trower on Sat 26 March.

The performance was very warmly received and caused loads of interest.
Chris plans to continue to do more live work with the line up - Simon Thomas on bass and Windsor McGilvray drums.
Live Review-
"Two local bands were in support. The first being The Chris Goulstone Band. They were an excellent start for the evening with a distinctive sound and a really outstanding drummer. Their rendition of "Manic Depression" nearly blew my head off"


Carlin 347

New double CD from Carlin - (APM Editor's Feb number one choice!)

Carlin 347 - Blues/Rock'n'Roll/Pop is out now.
This is the second part of the the successful album -'Blues/Rock'n'Roll'...


New CD release

"Total Metal Attack" !!!!

Chris has been approached by a record label in the states to contribute a track for a new compilation album - 'Total Metal Attack'...with Chris' band of that time 'BRONZ' now currently resting, he has submitted a self penned track 'Fugitive'.

Here's a snippet of the track:



Rockfield Studios

Chris will be producing the new tracks for SubLuminal at Rockfield Studios.




Best-of APM

Chris's tracks have been featured on four "Best - Of' APM" CD's !

APM (Associated Production Music) - distribute Carlin Production Music in the States.



'Strict Machine' by Goldfrapp

'Strict Machine' by Goldfrapp made the Radio 2 playlist and reached number 20 in the charts!

Chris was brought in to play some 'down tuned' noisy guitar.

Chris has been back in the band's studio recently, playing guitar on a track called 'Killer'



Murder by Numbers

Chris has a track in the music sound track of 'Murder by Numbers' starring Sandra Bullock.

The track is 'Smooth Rock' and is featured on Carlin 209 (APM).

Movie site:


Mastering: Hugh Cornwell.

Chris has just Mastered at the Chapel of Rock, the new CD from Hugh Cornwell.

It was produced and recorded in New York by Tony Visconti and Danny Kadar.

Hugh Cornwell:


Carlin 343 - New CD out now

Extreme Sports 2.

Carlin Production Music have released the latest CD by Chris titled 'Extreme Sports 2'.


Coming soon…