Chris Goulstone - Composer / Producer and Musician.
Producing TV and Film music for over twenty years with over 75 albums to his name, Chris works from his UK West Country studio 'The Chapel of Rock', providing cutting edge tracks for shows around the globe.
Music usage includes - MBL, WWE, Lost, Opray Winfrey Show, CNN, Barbara Walters, Saturday Night Live, Friends, America's Most Wanted, Sponge Bob Squarepants! and several Hollywood films - One For The Money (Katherine Heigel), Beyond Borders (Angelina Jolie), Murder By Numbers (Sandra Bullock), Domino (Kierra Knightley) and Remember The Titans (Denzel Washington) Chris still enjoys collaborations with other artists - a production music album with Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thall (Guns and Roses), playing guitar on many Goldfrapp CDs, mixing and mastering with 'punk legend' Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) and recording and mixing with former Massive Attack member Mushroom and Spike Stent. Chris Goulstone's catalogue is available at;